Our Story

Yes, I am a REAL doctor. A Chiropractor for 20+ years. My name is Dr. Daniel Hall, DC.

With the same precision and care that I removed complex subluxations from people’s spines… I take the same time, care and precision to remove that troublesome rock/boulder or other natural obstacle from your landscape.

Many people are unaware that blasting and rock removal takes a deft and steady hand with attention to detail. As with many things in life, to be done properly, precision and attention to detail is required; Something my time in the military imparted to me.

In addition to my chiropractic studies and career, I have been involved in advanced science and chemistry throughout my lifetime. In fact, my entire educational career began with organic chemistry. That understanding of intricate chemical reactions is a natural outgrowth of my scientific training.

Later, I received specific training in rock blasting in preparation for my ATF explosives license. I have also gone on to further this knowledge with specific training on different demolition products from individual manufacturers.


Who doesn’t like to blow stuff up??!!!

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