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Dangerous Tree Blasting

Dangerous Tree Blasting

When it’s too dangerous to climb or the situation or place makes it too hard or dangerous to cut… 

we can bring it down with the push of a button!

When faced with the daunting task of bringing down a dangerous tree, utilizing explosives emerges as a strategic and efficient solution. The inherent risks associated with precarious tree removal scenarios demand a method that ensures safety and precision. Precision Blasting services offer a controlled and systematic approach to tree removal, mitigating the dangers posed by unstable trees. By strategically placing explosives at key points within or around the trunk of the tree, we can effectively fracture and dislodge the tree from a safe distance, facilitating its safe descent, and minimizing or eliminating personnel injuries.

In situations where conventional methods like chainsaw cutting pose heightened risks of tree collapse or property damage, tree blasting provides a reliable alternative. With expertise in controlled blasting techniques and adherence to strict safety protocols, Precision Blasting, LLC navigates the complexities of hazardous tree removal with precision and efficacy. Whether it’s mitigating the risks of falling limbs or tree removal on steep, rocky slopes, tree blasting ensures the safe and efficient removal of dangerous trees, preserving both property and maintaining safety.

Remote locations are not a problem. We love to work in the great outdoors with outdoor guides and the U.S. Forest Service or the U.S. Fish and Game Departments. We have the tools and know-how to work in the national forest areas without “mechanical equipment”, per current guidelines.

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