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Construction blasting involves the controlled use of explosives or hydraulic paste (non-explosive) to break rock or concrete in construction projects. It’s necessary when traditional methods like drilling or mechanical breaking aren’t feasible or efficient.
Yes, when conducted by licensed and experienced professionals following strict safety protocols, construction blasting is safe. Our team adheres to industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety of workers, bystanders, and property.
We employ advanced blasting techniques, including pre-blast surveys and the use of specialized explosives to minimize noise and vibration impact on the surrounding area. Additionally, we coordinate with local authorities and residents to mitigate disruptions. If explosives are not indicated due to site concerns, then we have non-explosive tools to get the job done without noise or vibration.
Yes, our team consists of certified and experienced blasters who undergo regular training and certification to maintain the highest standards of safety and proficiency in construction blasting techniques.
We handle a wide range of projects, including but not limited to road construction, excavation, and demolition. Our expertise spans various industries, from residential and commercial developments, and infrastructure projects, to remote location special situations.
We prioritize environmental stewardship in our blasting operations by employing eco-friendly explosives, implementing dust and debris control measures, and adhering to local environmental regulations. Our goal is to minimize the ecological footprint of our activities while achieving project objectives.
Simply reach out to us through our website or the contact information provided. Our team will schedule an initial consultation to assess your project requirements, discuss blasting options, and provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.
The duration of the blasting process depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of the project, regulatory requirements, and environmental considerations. We provide estimated timelines during the consultation phase and keep you informed of the progress every step of the way. Please be aware that we are dealing with nature. We can give estimated times but sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and it may take longer.

Call 811 to see if there are any buried lines near or in the proposed excavation site. Property owners should follow safety guidelines provided by our team, which may include securing loose items, closing windows, and temporarily relocating pets during blasting activities. We also communicate with property owners to ensure they are well informed and prepared.

Often, it can be less expensive than hiring a large, mechanical breaker. Due to the transportation costs of the machine, the hourly rental rate, and the operator labor cost. Even then, when the rock is too hard, the mechanical breaker sometimes just dulls its impact “chisel” with little effect. It’s time to call us!

For further inquiries or to discuss your specific project requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and reliable construction blasting solutions tailored to your needs.

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