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Low Explosive

Safe and Reliable Low-Noise Blasting

Low explosives are designed to effectively break rock without the impact of ground vibrations, fly rock, overbreak, and toxic gases. They offer rock-breaking tools which are a powerful alternative to conventional explosives and mechanical rock-breaking hammers.

Some of the benefits
of using low explosives are:

**Minimal NOx and CO generation**

Conventional explosives explode or detonate in their original state if initiated. This is not the case with low explosives. The cartridge will only burn if initiated freely or in its original package. Conventional explosives generate a superonic sonic shock wave which gives far greater ground and rock vibration than low explosive products making them either difficult or impossible to use near sensitive structures and populated areas. Low explosive systems generate minimal ground and rock vibration and therefore have minimal and controllable effects on adjacent structures.

The results of rock breaking with low explosive are restricted to a small area and tailor-made rock breaking can be achieved. Conventional explosives can cause much more energetic explosions making them a much less sophisticated tool for sensitive operations.

Even without coverage, the low explosive system causes minimal fly rock which can be eliminated with proper coverage. In contrast, conventional explosives can result in dangerously large amounts of fly rock if not covered properly and require far more onerous safety precautions. Drilling and rock breaking can be carried out concurrently because of the clearance distances permitted with low explosive Systems. Noise levels using conventional explosives are unhealthy and potentially harmful. Environmental concerns, the proximity to residential areas, places of cultural heritage or particular sensitivity such as schools and hospitals have to be protected. Low explosive emits very low sound levels and operations are possible with no interference or disturbance to nearby facilities.

The downside of using low explosives is the higher individual unit cost.

Here are some example videos of
low explosives in action.

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