Demolition Services in Salmon, ID

You already know that Precision Blasting, LLC is excellent at breaking up rocks and boulders. We can assist you, whether you need to build a septic pit, make room for a basement, or rework your foundation.

These are the methods we offer:

Non-Explosive Methods

Some areas do not allow the use of explosives in demolition projects. We offer a non-explosive method in areas where such rules are in place. Non-explosive methods are ideal for areas near a well, septic, pool, foundation, or other sensitive structures.

Our non-explosive method involves using a chemical that breaks rocks by pressurizing them. This method is excellent in situations where the home foundation is vulnerable to damage.

Be advised, however, that the non-explosive process takes much longer than other methods. Therefore, you might have to wait 24–72 hours instead of only having to wait a minute or two for an explosive breaking process.

Low-Explosive Processes

Our low-explosive process is one of the most popular options. In most cases, high explosives aren’t necessary because of the recent advances in demolition. Thus, our low-explosive methods can successfully break the rocks without causing the same level of noise or disturbances as full explosives.

You’ll only experience a small amount of vibrations, and the noise level will be similar to that of a firecracker. Many of our clients opt for this method because it’s faster than the non-explosive process but not as dangerous or hectic as the full-blown process.

High-Explosive Services

We also offer high-explosive services if the situation calls for them. The need for high explosives is often unnecessary because of the vast number of advancements in the demolition field. However, we are here to help you with problematic rocks or if our non-explosive methods don’t succeed (or something more is needed).

We will break out the heavy artillery and use full explosives for a quick and easy breaking session. All you need to do is use the phone or form to contact us, and we’ll discuss your project and recommend what we think is your best option. You can then give us the green light, and we can go from there.

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